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World Disability Day: How disabled people can overcome depression!

‘World Disability Day’ or the ‘International Day of People with Disability’ is celebrated every year on December 3 with the aim to encourage a better understanding of people affected by a disability and also to raise awareness about it.

Most of the disabled people suffer from depression at some point of time in their life. This mental problem has become very common among them.

Depression is a pervasive feeling that affects a person’s thoughts and behaviour.

Here are some ways a disabled person can overcome this mental problem:

Listen to music

Listening to music is the best thing one can do to overcome depression. But they should listen to the up beat or happy music as it helps to change the atmosphere instantly and overcome the mental problem.

Sound sleep

An adequate amount of sleep is very necessary as it helps to avoid stress and mood swings which leads to depression.


Distract oneself from all the useless thoughts and over thinking. Useless thoughts is the enemy and makes way for you to set in depression.

Stay connected

Connecting with your friends and hanging out with them will have huge positive effect on your mood when you are depressed. And sitting idle at home alone or isolating from others is the worst thing a depressed person can do.


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