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Over 40 dead as Kenya oil tanker explodes

An oil tanker has exploded on a road in Kenya, claiming the lives of at least 42 people and leaving many others injured.

The incident occurred late Saturday when the truck heading from Nairobi to Uganda crashed into several vehicles and burst into flames in the north of the central town of Naivasha.

It is reported that the tanker was traveling downhill on a busy road when it lost control. A huge fireball quickly took over eleven other vehicles.

A minibus carrying 14 passengers was among the burnt vehicles. None of them survived.

According to the National Disaster Unit, an operation is underway to search the area for bodies among the wreckage of the cars.

This accident happened on the 5th day of a nationwide strike by doctors and nurses over pay and working conditions. Hence, the number of medics present at the scene and in hospitals to attend to the victims was not sufficient.

In Kenya, busy highways are notorious for deadly accidents.

In 2009, a similar accident took the lives of over 100 people. Also, 200 people were injured on another road when a tanker overturned.


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